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Jumat, 20 Agustus 2010

Tartan Wedding Dress

Tartan is worn by Scottish brides, either on her plain white gown trimmed with tartan ribbons, as a tartan shawl draped around her shoulders or tied as a sash at her waist. Celtic embroidery, such as the Celtic knotwork (which symbolizes eternal love) might also be incorporated into her dress. Scottish grooms and groomsman typically wear traditional Highland outfits, including kilts, vests, sporrans (leather pouches), jackets, hose and ghillies (authentic Highland footwear). The groom will wear his family tartan attached with a large brooch on the shoulder of his jacket, and a Skean Dhu (which means 'black dagger' in Gaelic) tucked into the top of his kilt hose. [source : Scottish Wedding Attire]

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